Car Detailing Scarborough

If your car needs exterior or interior cleaning, then Grand Car Wash offers meticulous Car Detailing Scarborough services to make your car a joy to ride. Daily usage can make the inside of your vehicle dusty and the outside, well, not so shiny like it used to. Therefore, we offer the best in the business car cleaning services to keep your vehicle shiny both from the inside and the outside. Once we are done with the job, your vehicle will definitely look as if it just came out the showroom. Whether you have been through a snowstorm or taken your car for a family vacation, we have the expertise required to make it just like new.

Cleaning a vehicle requires both expertise and the right tools to get the job done. We at Grand Car Wash have a team of skilled professionals having years of experience in providing the best Detailing Services Scarborough to a range of satisfied clients. From making use of vacuum to utilizing pressurized air to get rid of dust particles, and from complete exterior wash to using vinyl dressing for a perfect shine, we perform every task and give full attention to each and every process so you get full value for your money. You can go through a variety of Car Detailing Scarborough packages we have displayed on our website, and pick one that suits your needs best.

Grand Car Wash Makes the Interior of your Car a Joy to Sit in

Where the outlook of your car matters for the onlookers, the inside matters for you and your companions for the ride; that’s what we believe in. For this reason, we offer the best in the business Interior Car Detailing Scarborough to give you the most pleasant travelling experience ever. Ignoring the dust inside your vehicle can deteriorate the quality of interior finish over the passage of time and you don’t want that to happen. Let us perform a detailed interior cleaning operation and you can then see the results for yourself. Our skilled mechanics have an eye for detail and there will not be a single spot left where they wouldn’t go to clean it. Book our Interior Car Detailing Scarborough services today and experience the ride of a lifetime.

If you have chosen a detailing package online through our website, then its all good. If not and you come to us with your vehicle, our skilled team of professionals will assess the situation of your car and suggest the car detailing packages you should go for without burning a hole in your pocket. Our aim is to provide high quality detailing and cleaning services to our clients in the most economical prices. That’s why when we say that you will be getting the best value out of our Detailing Services Scarborough, you know that we are not lying about that. So, get in touch with Grand Car Wash today and let us take care of all the detailing and cleaning for you.

Spot Correction


Paint Seal 


Headlight Restoration


Nitro Seal 


Hand Wax


Ceramic Pro Sport


Stage 1 : Full Body  Polish & Seal 


Eliminate swirls and minor scratches while bringing back the original luster and shine of the paint. Hand applied synthetic paint sealant will protect the finish and offer a wet glossy look for over 6 months 

Stage 2 : Heavy Cut Polish & Seal 


For deeper scratches and older paintwork, heavy cutting compound will be used to level the paint before polishing to restore the shine. Nitro sealant will ne hand applied to lock in the finish for months to come