Car Polishing Scarborough

Grand Car Wash Ltd is providing the best services related to the car wash. It is not the cars only that is being done at our facilities, we will provide all related items to the car wash. We will turn your tainted and full of dirt car just like the new one. Those who are looking for a reliable service center must try us, an s we are experts in handling all kinds of situations. With the help of an advanced chemical mixture with water, the long deposited stains will also be removed. Our staff is expert in handling in transforming the looks of the car with car polishing in Scarborough. We ensure all the safety protocols at our site so that while washing nothing gets a break. It is owing to these tough regulations that we have been the best in the whole town for car waxing in Scarborough. Car washing is an art and we are the best ones to do this task without incurring any loss or damage to the car.

We are using modern and state-of-the-art machinery that has result in better output. Using this latest technology has enabled us to get car wash in minimum possible time. Those people who are looking for car polishing in Scarborough must not go anywhere else. We are also ensuring that this car washing activity must not harm the surrounding environment, for those strict regulations being ensured by us. We believe in quality service and for this reason, we make sure that each of our customers should get quality treatment and services. One can visit us for car waxing in Scarborough, all the details and pricing are mentioned here as well. In case of any query or suggestion, you may leave your message via email, we will be delighted to reply to you back.

Spot Correction


Paint Seal 


Headlight Restoration


Nitro Seal 


Hand Wax


Ceramic Pro Sport


Stage 1 : Full Body  Polish & Seal 


Eliminate swirls and minor scratches while bringing back the original luster and shine of the paint. Hand applied synthetic paint sealant will protect the finish and offer a wet glossy look for over 6 months 

Stage 2 : Heavy Cut Polish & Seal 


For deeper scratches and older paintwork, heavy cutting compound will be used to level the paint before polishing to restore the shine. Nitro sealant will ne hand applied to lock in the finish for months to come