Car Steam Wash Scarborough

Looking for a reliable car maintenance provider close to your neighborhood in Scarborough? Lucky for you, Grand Car Wash offers the best in the business car detailing services for both the interior and exterior of your car. Our Car Steam Wash Scarborough services have been the top choice for every car enthusiast for many years now. We perform a detailed interior and exterior cleaning of your vehicle to make sure it looks like brand new. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we will do whatever it takes to satisfy you with our car wash services; that’s our promise!

Ignoring the dust particles getting accumulated inside your car and overlooking the maintenance on the outside can ultimately lead to deterioration of your vehicle. Therefore, we offer high quality Car Steam Sanitization Scarborough to keep your vehicle in the best of shape. From performing a steam wash to detailing of seats, and from shampoo flooring to deep interior cleaning, we have done it all and more. The longer you wait, the more you will be missing out; come to Grand Car Wash today, let us perform a detailed cleaning service, and you will have the best riding experience ever.

Grand Car Wash has been the first choice of those who value both their time and money, all the while not compromising on quality. This is because we have made a name for ourselves by providing top tier Car Steam Wash Scarborough at the most economical prices to our respected clients for many years now. We value our customers’ time, and your car wash will be done as quickly as possible. Put your vehicle in the hands of our skilled experts and they will deliver you nothing short of the best detailing and cleaning; you can rest assured of that!

Spot Correction


Paint Seal 


Headlight Restoration


Nitro Seal 


Hand Wax


Ceramic Pro Sport


Stage 1 : Full Body  Polish & Seal 


Eliminate swirls and minor scratches while bringing back the original luster and shine of the paint. Hand applied synthetic paint sealant will protect the finish and offer a wet glossy look for over 6 months 

Stage 2 : Heavy Cut Polish & Seal 


For deeper scratches and older paintwork, heavy cutting compound will be used to level the paint before polishing to restore the shine. Nitro sealant will ne hand applied to lock in the finish for months to come