Ceramic Coating Scarborough

Looking for an experienced automotive maintenance company to take care of your vehicle? Well, you definitely have come to the right place. Grand Car Wash has been offering the best in the business Ceramic Protection Solutions Scarborough to ensure your vehicle doesn’t get any sort of paint oxidation, swirls, scratches, or eventually, paint corrosion. If the paint on your vehicle doesn’t look good as it used to, we have got just the solutions for all your problems. Whether you have just purchased your dream car or have been using one for some time now, we have got a range of paint protection services to keep your vehicle looking as if it just came out the showroom!

The paint job of your car can deteriorate with the passage of time due to scratches, mishandling and environmental conditions. To address this issue once and for all, we offer the best in the business Ceramic Coating Scarborough to ensure your vehicle’s paint job keeps on lasting forever. Our carefully chosen combination of material have the ability to provide an excellent layer of protection against any element that can adhere to the paint of your car and eventually destroy it. In addition to this, our top tier ceramic coating services form a super glossy and transparent layer of protection on the paint to give your vehicle nothing short of a classy shine for years to come. And if it wasn’t enough, you also get an extremely easy to clean experience so that you always have a ride that’s elegant than ever.

Let Us Take Care of the Paint Job for You

If the paint job of your vehicle has worsened over time, Grand Car Wash offers a meticulous Paint Correction Scarborough with attention to even the minutest of details. Our skilled team of mechanics makes use of start of the art equipment and industry leading materials to give you full value for money. From multistage vehicle decontamination to machine polishing, we have the expertise to do everything it takes to get the job done. Our objective is to provide our respected clients the most comprehensive paint correction services in the most economical rates. Book our Paint Correction Scarborough services today and see the results for yourself. We promise you that you will be amazed with our attention to detail and appreciate our passion to make your vehicle shine!

To keep the paint job of vehicle protected for longer periods of time, getting it coated with ceramic is the best case scenario for car enthusiasts. Grand Car Wash has years of experience in offering top tier Ceramic Protection Solutions Scarborough to our respected clients. We perform multi-stage paint preparation and decontamination, then do a complete polish of your vehicle, and finally, apply the coating under professional guidance. Once applied successfully, a transparent glass layer is created that expands and contracts while exposed to different environmental conditions, keeping the paint of your vehicle well protected. So, get in touch with us today and let us take care of your vehicle for you!

Spot Correction


Paint Seal 


Headlight Restoration


Nitro Seal 


Hand Wax


Ceramic Pro Sport


Stage 1 : Full Body  Polish & Seal 


Eliminate swirls and minor scratches while bringing back the original luster and shine of the paint. Hand applied synthetic paint sealant will protect the finish and offer a wet glossy look for over 6 months 

Stage 2 : Heavy Cut Polish & Seal 


For deeper scratches and older paintwork, heavy cutting compound will be used to level the paint before polishing to restore the shine. Nitro sealant will ne hand applied to lock in the finish for months to come