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Here at the Grand Car Wash Ltd Company, we offer you a wide variety of services that will make people do a double-take when they see your car. One of the best services we provide at Grand car wash is the window tinting among other services. Our company Grand Car Wash Ltd is based in Scarborough, England. We are a professional service shop for your car. The workers here are very experienced and will give you the best of all services, specialized in best window tinting in Scarborough; we have got your back! All the services related to it are done with ultimate care and best people are working with us.

Whatever issues you might be facing regarding your car or any other vehicle, we have professionals and technicians that are ready to assist you in all the ways that you want us to. Although we excel at every solution for your automotive needs, we have the best window tinting in Scarborough and these services available for you at your disposal.


We lament your car windows in the perfect ways so to protect you from UV rays, give you more privacy as the window tinting can reduce the visibility rate, and make your car windows look shiny and new. With this new look on your windows; it’ll give your car a better and shiny look.

With our best services, you can get the affordable service for window tinting in Scarborough no matter which kind of building you want it for. We are responsive and easy to reach and once you hire us you will find our services perfect from all aspects.


PPF  Coverage Type


Partial Front End

  • 18” - 24” Up Hood and Fenders.

  • Front Bumper. Headlights and Side Mirrors.


Full Front End

  • Full Hood and Fenders. Front Bumper.

  • Headlights and Side Mirrors.


Full Vehicle 

  • Every Exposed Painted Surface.

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