Headlight Restoration Scarborough

Grand car wash is a car wash and services company based in Toronto. We started our car detailing and services business in 2010 and managed to build a wide ad loyal customer base. We offer headlight restoration Scarborough services along with paint correction, window tinting and ceramics.

We use latest technologies and tactics for our services; we provide expert services for both old and new cars. You can trust us with your antique cars as we have immense knowledge regarding these cars and hence can provide top- quality services. We offer many packages for our services like headlight restoration Scarborough; the packages include bronze package, silver package and gold package which all have relative costs and plans.

We employ skilled and talented workers to form our team. These employees are trained to become professionals and are monitored by the officials to ensure top-quality and genuine services to our customers. we train our professionals with immense knowledge and tactics hence it is safe to say that there is no car service that our professionals can’t do.

We have managed to secure our customers throughout the years by practicing transparency, loyalty and honesty with our customers. We tend to believe that customers are the reason to any business’s success, our customers are our backbone and hence a part of our family. Visit our online store right away to avail our amazing headlight restoration Scarborough services along with other services and packages and be a part of our customer base.

Spot Correction


Paint Seal 


Headlight Restoration


Nitro Seal 


Hand Wax


Ceramic Pro Sport


Stage 1 : Full Body  Polish & Seal 


Eliminate swirls and minor scratches while bringing back the original luster and shine of the paint. Hand applied synthetic paint sealant will protect the finish and offer a wet glossy look for over 6 months 

Stage 2 : Heavy Cut Polish & Seal 


For deeper scratches and older paintwork, heavy cutting compound will be used to level the paint before polishing to restore the shine. Nitro sealant will ne hand applied to lock in the finish for months to come