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  • V.I.P Member I

    Every month
    Exterior Excellence
    • 4 Premium Exterior Wash Passes
    • 1 Bronze Level Detail
    • +V.I.P Pricing - 20% discount on all services
    • +Loyalty Rewards Advancement
    • +Save up to $900/Year on Monthly Services
  • Best Value

    V.I.P Member II

    Every month
    Interior + Exterior Maintenance
    • 2 Premium Exterior Hand Wash Passes
    • 2 Bronze Level Detailing
    • 1 Hand Applied Carnauba Paste Wax
    • +V.I.P Pricing - 20% Discount On All Services
    • +Loyalty Rewards Advancement
    • +Save up to $1200/Year on Monthly Services
  • V.I.P Member III

    Every month
    Improves Vehicle's Paint
    • 4 Premium Exterior Hand Wash Passes
    • 1 Platinum Level Detailing
    • 1 Stage One Paint Correction W/Polished Finish
    • 1 Valet Service - Pickup/Drop Off
    • +V.I.P Pricing - 20% OFF All Services
    • +Loyalty Rewards Advancement
    • +Save $1,400/Year on Monthly Services

Credits reset every month*

When you become a Grand Car Wash V.I.P member, you are joining a crew of individuals that not only want…but DEMAND the highest level of quality and restoration possible for their rides. Driving in a vehicle which has been meticulously looked after by Grand is like driving around in a gold bar on wheels...your friends will wonder what you're doing, and how you're doing it.


Our highly skilled gang of perfectionists will ensure that your vehicle is looking its finest wherever you choose to take it. This is the one solution to maintaining your exterior appearance and ensuring your internal satisfaction, at all times.

Benefits and Perks


Ride Clean At All Times. Look Fresh, Stay Fresh.


Restore & Protect The Paint Over Time, Preserve The Value Of Your Vehicle.


Rack Up Loyalty Points Faster & Enjoy The Rewards


Enjoy V.I.P Pricing On All Other Services!

Save Money 

Members save on average, up to $1400/Year on Monthly Services.

V.I.P Pricing

Our V.I.Ps enjoy 20% off on ALL other services. Feel free to experiment!

Routine Maintainance

By regularly bringing in your car for service, you will have a much better chance catching problems before they arise!

Stay Shining

With us continuously working on your car, you will begin to notice that your car is almost always clean